The U.S. telecom giant at&t to $85 billion 400 million acquisition of Time Warner in Beijing 开国大典教学反思

American telecom giant AT& T for 85 billion 400 million U. S. dollars to buy time warner – China News Agency, New York, October, 22, American telecom giant AT& T announced in New York time 22 evening, will be $85 billion 400 million acquisition of media giant time warner. AT&, T said in a statement that it would buy time warner at half the price of $107.5 per share in half of the cash and half of the shares. The deal will allow AT& T to broadcast Time Warner’s content in its mobile, television and Internet broadband channels. AT& T, chairman and chief executive officer of Randall? Stephenson said, quality content can win, this has been confirmed in the movie, TV screen, mobile phone screen is also true. "We will send the best content in the world to every screen." He said that consumers have a headache before paying for content, but can not use any device at any time to view, "our goal is to solve this problem."". Time Warner chairman and CEO Geoff Bewkes? Also said that with the AT& T merger will significantly improve the ability of the company to provide quality content in a multi platform basis for consumers. Time Warner, the media giant, not only has the famous HBO pay TV and Warner Bros. film company, but also owns famous TV stations such as CNN (CNN). The Wall Street journal says the acquisition will transform AT& and T from a telecom operator to a media giant. As the global consumers increasingly rely on digital media, the U.S. telecom operators are no longer satisfied with only channels, but also tend to "content is king."". Last year, AT&, T bought DirectTV, a satellite TV service provider, for $48 billion 500 million, becoming the giant of the cable television industry in the United states. AT& T’s rival, Verizon, bought $4 billion 400 million for AOL last year and bought $4 billion 800 million of YAHOO’s search engine for its core assets this year. Two years ago, in twenty-first Century, Fawkes bought $85 a share to buy time warner and failed. (end)

美国电信巨头AT&T以854亿美元收购时代华纳-中新网   中新社纽约10月22日电 美国电信巨头AT&T于纽约时间22日晚间宣布,将以854亿美元收购媒体巨头时代华纳。   AT&T在声明中称,将用一半现金一半股份的方式以每股107.5美元的价格收购时代华纳。该交易将使AT&T在旗下的手机、电视和互联网宽带等渠道播放时代华纳提供的节目内容。   AT&T公司主席兼首席执行官兰德尔?史蒂芬森称,优质的内容总能获胜,这点已在电影、电视屏幕上被证实,目前也正在手机屏幕上成真。“我们将把世上最优质的内容送到每一块屏幕上。”他说,消费者以前很头痛的就是在为内容付费后却不能随时随地用任意设备查看,“我们的目标就是解决这一问题”。   时代华纳的主席兼首席执行官杰夫?比克斯也表示,与AT&T合并将大大提高该公司在多平台基础上为消费者提供优质内容的能力。   媒体巨头时代华纳旗下不仅拥有著名的HBO付费电视和华纳兄弟电影公司等,还拥有美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)等知名电视台。《华尔街日报》称,这项并购将使AT&T从一个电信运营商实现向媒体巨头的转变。   由于全球消费者对于数字媒体越来越依赖,美国电信运营商已不再满足于只做渠道,也倾向“内容为王”。去年,AT&T以485亿美元的价格收购了卫星电视服务供应商DirectTV,变身成为美国有线电视行业的巨头。AT&T的竞争对手Verizon去年以44亿美元收购了美国在线(AOL),今年又以48亿美元收购雅虎的搜索引擎等核心资产。   两年前,21世纪福克斯曾经出价每股85美元收购时代华纳,最终未能成功。(完)相关的主题文章:

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