Late continuous stepped back hidden murderous dead end is to make a choice 江南大学教务

Late continuous step back to a "dead end" is hidden dangers must choose replay masters have been very strange, why cheat on the phone can accurately tell my bank account and amount, which makes many victims are convinced, the original bank staff in the "ghost"! Police in Hubei province Tongshan County in Xianning city in September 7th informed the police investigation, the clerk Chen Cheng used to facilitate the work of a bank in the county, the query to the depositors of personal information (including name, ID number, bank card number, account balance, mobile phone number) to each of the 20 price sold Zhang Yuan to 50 yuan. Police preliminary statistics, Chen Cheng illegal sale of more than 800 pieces of information, illegal profits of more than 4 yuan. On the line, more than 1400 depositors of reselling depositors were obtained from the bank staff, including the above staff, and illegal profits of nearly 200 thousand yuan. Disk analysis: today, two city shrinkage correction, continue to maintain the pattern of finishing. On the disk, the recent strong PPP concept has cooled, while the heavyweight downturn in the hot spots scattered, building materials, medical, electricity providers, communications once strong, persistent poor, two cities differentiation obvious. Stocks, pulled a Vanke, Jiakai City, Langfang development of fashion, but the market sentiment is obvious, liangnengweisu restricts the market fundamental reason to break up. The hot market is not sustained, the lack of mainstream new hot spots of these old problems still exist today, intraday trading stocks for more than 5 billion market capitalization, excluding shares, time shares, most have assets into the expected major shareholders to sell control of shell shares, investors can properly. How to operate tomorrow: on the news, the current A shares has been at a high level during the year, to go upside, it must be a continuous flow of water to digest the top a lock plate, and in the financial regulatory background, outside the capital strong sentiment, the incremental capital into large-scale field is difficult to achieve in the short term. Shanghai and Hong Kong have achieved a continuous net inflow of 25 trading days, even in the bull market last year, but also a rare spectacle, indicating that foreign investment in the A share market is still favored, think this point has the value of hunters. At the same time, the two financial balance for three consecutive days of growth, creating a new high of more than 8 months, indicating that leveraged funds are accelerating footsteps approach, to some extent boost the Shanghai stock index rebound market opening. Technically, today’s market fell into a narrow range, the market volume can be significantly reduced, the main trading willingness is light. The stock index broke through the failure of the line yesterday and pulled up in the afternoon. However, the upside was again suppressed by the year line. The diving was below the 20 day average, and the two sides would be in contention for it. The daily line five Lian Yang and the 20 day moving average gradually move up, indicating that the short-term trend is still in the multi side, waiting for the 20 day moving average and the line gradually closed, the market will face a critical direction choice. Gem 20 day moving average and 60 day moving average MACD coming up, indicating that multi attack intention. The weekly level KDJ index to MACD divergence shows that the medium-term trend is still to the good. Still have the ability to act. Two consecutive trading days trading showed different degrees of diving, in the long sharp upside in line with close at hand situation, have certain whipsaws especially in May, will be a breakthrough in the line; 尾盘连续回踩藏杀机“死胡同”将至必须做出选择 复盘大师一直很奇怪,为什么骗子能够在电话中准确的说出我的银行账号以及金额,进而使得不少受害人深信不疑,原来都是银行职员在做“内鬼”!湖北省咸宁市通山县警方9月7日通报,民警查明,该县一家银行的职员陈程利用工作便利,将查询到的储户个人信息(含姓名、身份证号、银行卡号、账户余额、手机号)以每条20元至50元不等的价格卖给张某。警方初步统计,陈程共非法售卖信息800余条,非法获利4万余元。其上线则从包括上述职员在内的多名银行职员手中获取倒卖储户信息达1400余条,非法获利近20万元。盘面解析:今日,两市缩量回调,继续保持整理格局。盘面上,近期强势的PPP概念有所降温,而权重股低迷下热点散乱,建材、医疗、电商、通信一度走强下持续性较差,两市分化明显。个股方面,万科A盘中拉升,嘉凯城、廊坊发展等闻风而动,不过市场观望情绪明显,量能萎缩成为制约市场向上突破的根本原因之。市场热点不持续,缺乏新的主流热点这些老问题依然存在,今日盘中涨停个股多为市值低于50亿的,剔除新股、次新股,大多数是具备资产注入预期,大股东出让控制权的壳股,后市可以适当关注。明日如何操作:消息面上,目前A股已经处于年内高位,要再往上攻,就必须要持续的活水流入以消化上方大量的套牢盘,而在金融强监管的背景下,场外资金观望情绪浓重,增量资金大规模进场在短期内难以实现。沪港通已经实现25个交易日的连续净流入,这即便是在去年的牛市行情也难得一见的奇观,说明外资对A股市场依然青睐有加,认为此点位具有抄底价值。与此同时,两融余额连续三日增长,再创逾8个月新高,说明杠杆资金正加快脚步进场,在一定程度上助推沪指反弹行情的开启。技术上,今日大盘陷入窄幅震荡,市场量能明显萎缩,主力交投意愿清淡。沪指昨日突破年线失败,午后一度拉升,但上攻无量再度受到年线压制,盘中一度跳水跌破20日均线支撑,多空双方或将在此展开激烈争夺。日线五连阳以及20日均线逐步上移表明,短期趋势仍在多头一方,待20日均线与年线逐步收拢,大盘将面临关键性的方向选择。创业板20日均线上移并即将金叉60日均线,说明多方有进攻的意愿。周线级别KDJ指标继续金叉发散,说明中期趋势依然向好。依旧具备上行动能。连续两个交易日尾盘均出现不同程度的跳水情况,在多头犀利上攻与年线近在咫尺的形势下,具备一定的洗盘可能,尤其是在即将突破年线的关键时刻,清洗不坚定的浮筹还是很有必要的,明日三探年线势在必得。大势解读,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】 盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】  相关的主题文章:

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