The US Department of environmental protection urged VW to produce electric cars make up for emission 怀化学院音乐系

The Ministry of environmental protection requirements of mass production of electric vehicles: make up discharge door Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 22nd morning news, according to the German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" reports, the U.S. government asked the German carmaker Volkswagen production of electric cars in the United States, in order to compensate for the exhaust emission in the detection of cheating. The US Environmental Protection Agency is now negotiating with the public to repair nearly 600 thousand diesel vehicles that have exceeded their emissions, which are 40 times the legal value. Welt am Sonntag did not disclose the source, but said the EPA asked the public to produce electric cars at its Tennessee Char Thanou Fagafaga factory, and to help build a network of charging piles across the United states. Some of the Volkswagen cars are equipped with electric or hybrid engines, but reports from the Welt am Sonntag are not sure whether the EPA will require VW to produce new or existing models. Today, 5 months after Volkswagen’s "emission gate" exposure, the European leading auto manufacturer has not yet found technical fixes for nearly 600 thousand diesel vehicles, and is facing increasing legal action. "Communication with the EPA continues, and we don’t comment on content and status." Public spokesman said. The EPA refused to comment. At the same time, the German "Bild am Sonntag" magazine reported that the German transport minister Alexander · (Alexander Dobrindt); Duobu flint on February 16th called VW’s supervisory board chairman Hans · Dieter · P (Hans Dieter Poetsch), how to solve this problem process. According to the weekly report, P commitment, regardless of his personal and corporate status may be affected, the public will do its utmost to resolve the crisis. Volkswagen spokesman confirmed that the government and the public relations director at Thomas · Staiger (Thomas Steg) is in the 16 to more than Bulinqi reported on the latest developments, but the spokesman declined to disclose details of communication. (Book Yu)

美国环保部要求大众生产电动汽车:弥补排放门   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月22日上午消息,据德国报纸《Welt am Sonntag》报道,美国政府要求德国汽车制造商大众在美国生产电动汽车,以此弥补其在尾气排放检测中的作弊行为。   美国环保局目前正在与大众展开谈判,希望能够修复近60万辆排放超标的柴油车,这些车的尾气排放量达到法定数值的40倍。   《Welt am Sonntag》并未透露消息来源,但却表示,美国环保局要求大众在其田纳西州查塔努加的工厂生产电动汽车,并协助其建立遍布全美的充电桩网络。   大众的部分汽车已经配备电动或混动发动机,但从《Welt am Sonntag》的报道还无法判断美国环保局究竟是要求大众生产新车型还是现有车型。   在大众“排放门”曝光5个月后的今天,这家欧洲领先的汽车厂商尚未找出近60万辆柴油汽车的技术修复方案,并且面临越来越多的法律诉讼。   “与美国环保局的沟通仍在继续,我们不会对内容和状态发表评论。”大众发言人说。美国环保局拒绝对此置评。   与此同时,德国周刊《Bild am Sonntag》报道称,德国交通部部长亚历山大·多布林特(   Alexander Dobrindt)于2月16日召见了大众监事会主席汉斯·迪特尔·珀奇(Hans Dieter Poetsch),了解该公司解决这一问题的进程。   据该周刊报道,珀奇承诺,无论他个人和公司的地位可能受到何种影响,大众都将尽其所能解决这场危机。   大众发言人证实,珀奇和大众政府关系主管托马斯·斯泰格(Thomas Steg)的确在16日向多布林奇汇报了最新进展,但该发言人拒绝透露沟通细节。(书聿)相关的主题文章:

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