Chief analyst analysis of Euro dollar market trend in February 2nd 潘益兵的博客

Chief analyst: GBP $1.4380 February 2nd European trend analysis FX168 Tuesday (February 2nd) intraday European session, the pound sterling dollar rebounded sharply after yesterday’s surge, the trading day trading in the vicinity of the exchange rate. The pound USD hit three week high of 1.4443, but selling rallies again to suppress the exchange rate. The weaker than expected UK construction PMI index dropped by more than 100 points, and the data showed that the UK construction PMI in January dropped from 57.8 in December to 55, the lowest level in 9 months. However, the exchange rate dropped to 1.4325 level to stabilize the rebound, the gradual increase earlier last week to see the rise is still to be confirmed. Technically, FXStreet chief technology analyst Valeria Bednarik said, 4 hours chart shows that the average price of the 20 rally rebounded, but technical indicators in the vicinity of the central line down. As long as the exchange rate steady at 20 and the average intraday low of 1.4325 above, downside risks will remain limited, below the 1.426080 area to see. On the other hand, the 1.4360 level of the exchange rate station is expected to challenge the 1.440020 resistance zone again. If we break through the intraday high, then the next target will be to the 1.4500 psychological key level. (GBP $4 hours map, source: FXStreet, FX168 financial network) 19:30 Beijing time, GBP $1.438083. Proofread: cool into Sina Financial shares

首席分析师:英镑 美元2月2日欧市走势分析   FX168讯 周二(2月2日)欧洲时段盘中,英镑 美元继昨日大幅反弹飙升后,本交易日汇价交投在1.4380附近。英镑 美元亚洲时段触及三周新高1.4443水平,但逢高卖盘再度压制汇价。弱于预期的英国建筑业采购经理人指数公布后,汇价大幅下挫逾100点,数据显示,英国1月建筑业采购经理人指数自去年12月份的57.8下降至55.0,这是9个月来的最低水平。不过汇价跌至1.4325水平企稳反弹,上周早些时候的逐步增强的看涨势头仍有待确认。   从技术上看,FXStreet首席技术分析师Valeria Bednarik表示,4小时图显示,汇价自看涨的20均线反弹,但技术指标在中线附近转向下行。   只要汇价持稳于20均线和日内低点1.4325上方,则下行风险仍将是有限的,跌破则下看1.4260 80区域。   另一方面,汇价站上1.4360水平则有望再次挑战1.4400 20阻力区,若突破日内高点则下一目标指向1.4500心理关键水平。   (英镑 美元4小时图,来源:FXStreet,FX168财经网)   北京时间19:30,英镑 美元报1.4380 83。   校对:冷静 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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