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HTC SONY is losing money, apple exclusive 91% profit, in the past 2015, many analysts in the industry are not optimistic about the performance of apple iPhone. However, the wealth magazine data show that, in terms of profits, apple is still the dominant smartphone industry, exclusive of 91% of the industry’s profits. Profit share market research institutions Canaccord Genuity data show that the largest smartphone manufacturers Samsung has 23.9% market share in the world, while Apple’s global market share is 17.2%. But 91% of the smartphone industry’s profits went into Apple’s pocket, and Samsung had a 14% profit. There may be some netizens doubt, why the sum of both profits share reached 105%? This is because some other vendors, such as HTC and SONY, are still losing money. In addition, China’s HUAWEI, millet, ZTE did not give relevant data. Market share of foreign media said, 2016 Apple mobile phone industry profit share will further increase. Analysts at UBS AG (UBS) also predicted that iPhone 5SE, which is likely to be listed in March 18th, could bring a net profit of $1 billion 500 million for apple in 2016.

HTC 索尼都在赔钱 苹果独占91%利润   在过去的2015年里,业内不少分析师并不看好苹果iPhone的表现。不过,美国《财富》杂志数据显示,以利润来看,苹果依然是智能手机行业的霸主,独占了全行业91%的利润。 利润份额   市场调研机构Canaccord Genuity数据显示,最大的智能手机厂商三星在全球有着23.9%的市场份额,而苹果全球市场份额为17.2%。但智能手机行业91%的利润都流进了苹果的口袋,三星拿下了14%的利润。可能有网友有疑问了,为何两者相加利润份额达到了105%?这是因为其它一些厂商如HTC、索尼等还在赔钱。另外, 中国的华为、小米、中兴没有给出相关数据。 市场份额   外媒称,2016年的苹果手机行业利润份额还将进一步增加。瑞士联合银行集团(UBS)分析师也预计,可能将于3月18日上市的iPhone 5se就能为2016年的苹果带来15亿美元的净利润。相关的主题文章:

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