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Welsh open "rocket" twenty-eighth crown tied Higgins – Sohu sports newspaper news (reporter Wang Zixuan) 9 to 5 victory over Robertson, O’Sullivan did not give any chance to the Australians, the final 2016 world snooker tournament Welsh roost. "The number of Rockets" major ranking tournament has reached 28, equalling his Higgins had been leading. In the rest of the nearly ten months later, Welsh became the O’Sullivan open in large tournaments battle back. A simple sentence is used to describe the whole process of the title: "rocket", who! The first round of 147 gave up not playing again parties incurred criticism at the same time, also shows O’Sullivan in today’s Taiwan altar still unparalleled strength to the world. In the next game, he almost rolled all the way to victory, Selby ranked first in the world and third of the world’s Robertson has become the "sword spirits". It is worth mentioning that, in yesterday’s final, O’Sullivan was once 2 to 5 behind, but later gave Robertson a 7 than 0, easily achieve a reversal of 9 to 5. The tournament all 7 games, he has won 36 games, lost only 11 games. The 41 year old O’Sullivan is better? He gave a negative answer. "I have no better, 35 years later will not be better. You just need to keep the best on the line." O’Sullivan’s answer let those kids only hate their lack of talent. Wollaston was so praised "rocket", "I see him play could not help laughing, he really is too good, like playing computer games." Almost immortal O’Sullivan now have to rest, because he wanted to concentrate on preparing for the 2 months after the season ending World war. He said: "I feel worn out, I need a month to rest, recharge yourself, try to do well in Sheffield, that is because everyone wants to win the race." After the end of the tournament, won the O’Sullivan ranking compared to a node of a rise, Ding Junhui ranked fourth, ranking dropped to nineteenth. But from the next ranking settlement point there are 4 ranking events, if Welsh can continue the game, Ding Junhui is very likely to return to the top 16.

斯诺克威尔士公开赛 “火箭”第28冠追平希金斯-搜狐体育  本报讯(记者 王子轩)9比5击败罗伯逊,奥沙利文没有给澳大利亚人任何机会,最终称雄2016年世界斯诺克威尔士公开赛。“火箭”的大型排名赛冠军数量已经达到28个,追平了此前一直领先自己的希金斯。   在休息了近十个月后,威尔士公开赛成为了奥沙利文在大型排名赛的复出之战。整个夺冠过程用简单一句话来形容就是:“火箭”一出,谁与争锋!首轮故意放弃147不打再招致各方批评的同时,也向世人展示了奥沙利文在当今台坛依旧独步天下的实力。在随后的比赛中,他几乎是以碾压的方式一路速胜,排名世界第一的塞尔比和世界第三的罗伯逊先后成为其“刀下亡魂”。   值得一提的是,在昨天进行的决赛中,奥沙利文虽然一度2比5落后,但是后来送给了罗伯逊一个7比0,轻松实现了9比5的大逆转。本届赛事全部7轮比赛,他一共赢了36局,只丢了11局。   今年41岁的奥沙利文是又变强了吗?他给出了否定的答案。“我没有变得更好,35岁往后就不会更好了。你只需要保持住最佳就行。”奥沙利文的回答让那些后辈们只恨自己天资不够。沃拉斯顿是这么夸赞“火箭”的,“我看他打比赛都忍不住要笑,他确实太优秀了,就像在打电脑游戏一样。”   几乎已经“成仙”的奥沙利文现在又要休息了,因为他要专心备战2个月后的赛季收官大战世锦赛。他说:“我感觉都散架了,我需要一个月来休息,给自己充电,尽力在谢菲尔德好好表现,因为那是人人都想赢的赛事。”   本届赛事结束后,夺冠的奥沙利文排名相比上一个节点上升一位,位列第4,丁俊晖的排名则跌至第19。不过距离下一个排名结算点还有4项排名赛事,如果能延续威尔士赛表现,丁俊晖有很大可能重返前16。相关的主题文章:

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