The court summons sign express logistics company fined 100 thousand 长春工业大学林园校区

Court Express summons "be" sign the logistics company was punished 100 thousand Guangzhou daily news (reporter constitution) originally sent to the case of the parties of the summons, the parties did not receive, but showed that the courier has himself signed delivery success. After investigation, the original is the postman secretly sign the recipient’s name, and lost the mail. Reporters learned yesterday, Guangzhou Baiyun District Court found that the delivery of the involved logistics company has belonged to nuisance civil action, which decided to impose a fine of 100 thousand yuan on the company. In July 22, 2015, the court sent a letter to the plaintiff of the case to serve the case summons in the case of trial. In the logistics company’s official website query, the results show that the courier service has been successfully delivered in July 24, 2015, signed the receipt for me. However, in August 28th last year, when the trial was held, the plaintiff and his principal agent did not appear in court. Through telephone contact with the plaintiff, the plaintiff and his principal agent did not receive the court summons issued by the court. Afterwards, the logistics company sent a letter to the court, the postman in the delivery process to sign on behalf of the recipient’s name, and has lost the court mail. The court held that, in view of the serious legal consequences of the delivery of the service by the logistics company, the obstruction of the people’s court’s trial of the civil case and the infringement of the civil action resulted in a fine of 100 thousand yuan to the company according to law. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

法院快递传票“被”签收 物流公司被罚10万   广州日报讯 (记者章程)原本要寄给案件当事人的开庭传票,当事人明明没有收到,却显示快递已经本人签收投递成功。经查,原来是投递员私自代签收件人姓名,并将邮件遗失。记者昨日获悉,广州市白云区法院认定涉案物流公司的投递行为已属于妨害民事诉讼的行为,为此决定对该公司罚款10万元。   2015年7月22日,法院在审理一起纠纷案中,以法院专递的方式向案件原告方邮寄送达本案的开庭传票。在物流公司的官方网站上查询,结果显示,该专递于2015年7月24日已投递成功,签收人为本人收。   然而,去年8月28日,该案开庭庭审时,原告及其委托代理人均没有到庭参加诉讼。经电话联系原告方,原告及其委托代理人都表示没有收到法院寄送的开庭传票。事后,物流公司向法院发函称,投递员在投递过程中私自代签收件人姓名,并已将法院专递邮件遗失。   法院认为, 鉴于物流公司对法院专递的投递行为已造成严重的法律后果,妨碍了人民法院对民事案件的审理,属于妨害民事诉讼的行为,依法对该公司罚款10万元。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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