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The beauty of a helicopter landing in Hawaii Pearl Harbor caused 1 passengers injured News – Sohu in new network on 19 February,   according to U.S. media reports, said that the Hawaii authorities, local time 18 days, a civilian helicopter emergency emergency landing in the water near the Pearl Harbor. But the incident caused serious injuries to one person on board, and is being treated at the hospital. Reported that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration FAA said in a statement, the time of the incident, there were 5 people on the helicopter, emergency landing after the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor hall next to the water. Later, 5 people were sent to nearby hospitals by rescue workers. Witnesses said the helicopter was more likely to fall off the air than it was in a forced landing. He pointed out that the first helicopter is flying over to Pearl Harbor, circled several times looked suddenly out of control, but the driver still operates the helicopter to avoid the sea reefs, and let the plane uniform decline. But because of the speed is too fast, still heavily on the surface of the water. It is learned that the 5 people in the helicopter landing, fled the cabin, jumped into the water waiting for rescue. The report showed that a 16 year old passenger on the plane was seriously injured, and the other 2 middle-aged passengers aged 45 and 50 were not seriously affected. But so far the authorities haven’t disclosed the status of the last 2 passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of the helicopter emergency, the report said. 美夏威夷一直升机失控迫降珍珠港 致1乘客重伤-搜狐新闻  中新网2月19日电  据美国媒体报道,美国夏威夷当局表示,当地时间18日,一架民用直升机突发紧急状况,于珍珠港附近水面迫降。但事件造成机上一人受到重伤,目前正在医院接受治疗。  报道称,美国联邦航空局FAA在一份声明中指出,事发时,这架直升机上共有5人,突发紧急情况后,迫降在珍珠港亚利桑那号战舰纪念馆旁的水面上。随后,5人被救援人员送往了附近医院。  有目击者称,直升机与其说是迫降,看起来更像是从半空中掉了下来。他指出,直升机先是低空飞行至珍珠港上空,在盘旋了几圈后看上去突然失控,但驾驶员仍然操控着直升机避开了海上的礁石,并让飞机匀速下降。但由于速度过快,还是重重地拍在了水面上。  据悉,机上5人在直升机迫降后,逃出了机舱,跳入水中等待救援。  报道指出,机上一名16岁的乘客伤势比较严重,另外2名45岁和50岁的中年乘客并无大碍。但当局到目前为止还没透露最后2名乘客的状况。  报道指出,美国联邦航空局正在对直升机发生紧急状况的原因进行调查。相关的主题文章:

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