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Strict control of the down payment loan, prohibited illegal funds into the real estate development and strictly control the down payment loan funds into real estate development, non violation of the "notice" not only for buyers, for the real estate development side also has strict rules. "Notice" requirements, prohibited buyers through personal consumer loans, personal business loans, credit card overdraft to pay the first payment, the purchase will increase the leverage disguised breakthrough housing credit policy behavior. All banking institutions to provide payment found support and assist the forgery proof of income and other irregularities for the purchase of real estate intermediary, the rectification must be resolutely corrected before the suspension of cooperation. The discovery of the existence of providing "false mortgage" and "zero Shoufu" and other illegal acts of real estate development enterprises in the rectification rectification not before the disbursement of subsequent credit funds or add new credit. At the same time, the "notice" requirements, strictly prohibit illegal funds into the real estate development field. No bank funds for purchase. To strengthen the financial capital investment in the real estate sector supervision and management, strengthen the real estate development of upstream and downstream enterprises loans, loans and other related enterprises involved in real estate funds inside and outside the form of compliance and management of capital flows, prohibit the issuance and misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate field.

严控首付贷、严禁违规资金进入地产开发   严控首付贷、严禁违规资金进入地产开发   《通知》不仅针对购房者,对于房地产开发端也有严格规定。   《通知》要求,严禁购房者通过个人消费贷、个人经营性贷款、信用卡透支支付首付款等加大购房杠杆、变相突破住房信贷政策的行为。各银行业机构对发现存在为购房者提供首付款支持、协助伪造收入证明等违规行为的房地产中介,在整改纠正前要坚决中止合作。对发现存在提供“假按揭”、“零首付”等违法违规行为的房地产开发企业,在整改纠正前不得拨付后续信贷资金或增加新的授信。   同时《通知》要求,严禁违规资金进入房地产开发领域。严禁银行资金违规用于购地。   要加强银行理财资金投资房地产领域监督管理,加强房地产开发上下游企业贷款、关联企业贷款及其他涉及房地产表内外资金合规性和资金流向管理,严禁违规发放和挪用信贷资金进入房地产领域。相关的主题文章:

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