Journey to the west title into the Central Conservatory of Music examination questions netize 第一次爱的人简谱

"Journey to the west" theme song into Central Conservatory of Music   questions; users have been confused (Figure) – Sichuan channel: original title: "journey to the west" theme song into Central Conservatory of Music has confused questions netizens (Figure) (original title: "journey to the west" theme song, a Central Conservatory of Music exam?) Net exam 86 years "journey to the west" theme song, it became the "2017 Central Conservatory of Music arts exam recently? Your circle of friends is such a message brush screen? In fact, this is a spoof, 2017 art did not begin to apply it. The old version of "journey to the west" in our eyes can not shake the sacred music, is our hearts "divine comedy". But if you are used to the journey to the west, do you pay attention to the rhythm of the music "ascend" and "lose"? Thus, the emergence of such a piece of instant attracted attention. This is a choice, "86 version of" journey to the west "titles, lost my ()", and then provides a bunch of "landing lights" related Chinese characters as notes Chinese characters Foley, users who want to choose the right option. The most attractive thing is that there is still a big "project" in this issue, the 2017 entrance examination of Central Conservatory of Music". Netizens see the "journey to the west" three words began to nostalgia, humming the "ascend and ascend" rhythm began to answer questions. "Humming the whole morning, it’s hard to figure out which option to choose." Confused netizens began to self review, "in the end, have a good look at" journey to the west "?" "Who can tell me what’s the difference between light and boarding?"" In fact, let users confused is not only the rhythm of the title song, really let you say the name of the title song, ten to one you can not tell. This section called "cloud Palace Xunyin" theme song, is a song writer Xu Jingqing’s masterpiece, joined the electronic musical instruments, Western orchestral music, guzheng, pipa, harp, triangle, Guan Zhong, China bells and other musical instruments. Seriously to users find the "cloud Palace" Xunyin a version, pick out four sections, thin thick according to "value" and other factors do a "translation", finally should choose "D", "denden, Gordon, stool board lights". A Central Conservatory of Music is not really easy, netizens zitanfuru at the same time, the reporter also consulted the professional art colleges. Professionals said that in 2017 the art even the application did not started yet, and the music professional audio-visual ear training, most of the examiner to play music, then let the candidates themselves mark the rhythm of the music in the form of direct "denden" to mark the rhythm, apparently not very professional. (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia) 《西游记》片头曲成中央音乐学院考题 网友已迷茫(图)–四川频道–人民网 原标题:《西游记》片头曲成中央音乐学院考题 网友已迷茫(图)   (原标题:《西游记》片头曲,成中央音乐学院考题?)   网传的考题   86年《西游记》的片头曲,竟然成了“中央音乐学院2017艺考考题”?最近你的朋友圈是不是被这样个消息刷了屏?其实,这是恶搞,2017年的艺考还没开始报名呢。   老版《西游记》在我们心目中的地位神圣不可撼动,片头曲也是我们心中的“神曲”。但看惯了《西游记》的你,是否留心注意过片头曲“登登”和“丢丢”的节奏?于是,这样一则段子的出现瞬间就吸引了注意力。这是一道选择题,“86版《西游记》片头,丢丢丢()”,然后提供了一堆“等登灯”相关的汉字作为音符的汉字拟音,希望网友们选出正确的选项。最吸引人的是,这道题还有个很大的“名目”,“中央音乐学院2017入学考试题”。   网友们看到“西游记”三个字就开始怀旧,纷纷哼着“登登登”的节奏开始答题。“哼了一上午了,都搞不清到底应该选哪个选项。”陷入迷茫模式的网友开始自我检讨,“到底有没有好好看《西游记》?”“谁能告诉我灯和登有什么区别?”   其实,让网友迷茫的可不仅是片头曲的节奏,真让你说出片头曲的名字,十有八九你也讲不出来。这段名为《云宫迅音》的片头曲,是曲作者许镜清的杰作,加入了电子乐器、西方管弦乐、古筝、琵琶、竖琴、三角铁、管钟、中国的编钟等多种乐器组合。较真的网友找来了《云宫迅音》的五线谱版,挑出了前四小节,细细密密的根据“调值”等多种因素做了“翻译”,最终认为应选择“D”,“登登等登,凳登等灯”。   考个中央音乐学院真不容易,网友们自叹弗如的同时,记者也咨询了艺术类高校的专业人士。专业人士表示,2017年的艺考连报名都没开始呢,而且音乐类专业的视听练耳,多半以考官播放音乐,然后让考生自己标注音乐的节奏的形式来进行,直接“登登”来标节奏,显然不够专业。 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章:

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