Chengdu issued 2016 wage guidance line 8% line 12% 花都猎人外篇

Chengdu enterprise wage guidelines issued in 2016 8% on line 12% line Chengdu daily news (reporter Wang Yao) in Chengdu 2016 wage guidelines before the official release, workers currency average baseline wage growth was 8%; the line 12% line of 3%. According to the "notice" on the wage guidelines issued in 2016 in Chengdu City, enterprise content, rapid economic growth, strong capacity to pay wages, the average wage of workers is lower than the average wage in Chengdu city in 2015 of all urban employment 57480 yuan enterprises in the reference line for more than 8%, on line 12% below determine the level of wage growth. Enterprises with normal production and economic growth can determine the level of wage growth with reference to the benchmark line 8%. The economic benefits have not been raised, but the enterprises whose production and management are basically normal can refer to the line 3% to determine the wage growth level. Enterprises with difficulties in production and operation and sustained losses can lower their wage growth level by 3% below the line, and may not increase their wages temporarily. However, the wages paid by enterprises to the workers who provide normal labor shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standards. In view of the state-owned enterprises, we should adjust and determine the wage growth level of the enterprise through the collective wage consultation and the way of the collective wage consultation under the supervision and control of the total amount of wages and the salary guidance line approved by the state-owned assets supervision and administration department. First, last year the average wage of workers is higher than the average wage of 2015 years of Urban Non private units workers 2 times (138246 yuan), 2.5 times (172808 yuan) following the state-owned enterprises, the wage increase shall not be higher than the wage growth line (3%); last year the average wage of workers is higher than the 172808 yuan of state-owned enterprises in principle, should not increase wages. The economic benefits of more than two consecutive years, a larger increase, last year the average wage is lower than the average wage of workers in Chengdu city in 2015 the urban non private sector workers 69123 yuan of state-owned enterprises, such as labor costs have the capacity, the consent of the audit of state-owned assets supervision and administration department, and report to the same level of human society department, the wage increase may be appropriate to break the wage growth line. Recommended reading: more than Mianyang disabled persons and enterprises signed does not work paychecks buy insurance Sichuan residents basic pension will double the basic salary of civil servants will be adjusted periodically in Mianyang’s annual leave of not following the resignation of the prosecution of the company was sentenced to three times the Sichuan migrant workers wages replacement wages management system contractor wages directly to Sichuan in 2020 and strive to achieve no arrears of wages for migrant workers

成都发布2016年企业工资指导线 基准线8%上线12%   成都商报讯(记者 王垚)成都市2016年企业工资指导线日前正式发布,企业职工货币平均工资增长基准线为8%;上线为12%;下线为3%。   根据《关于发布成都市2016年企业工资指导线的通知》的内容,经济效益增长较快、工资支付能力较强、职工平均工资低于2015年成都市城镇全部单位就业人员平均工资57480元的企业,可以在基准线8%以上、上线12%以下确定工资增长水平。   生产经营正常、经济效益增长的企业,可以参照基准线8%确定工资增长水平。经济效益未提高,但生产经营基本正常的企业,可以参照下线3%确定工资增长水平。生产经营困难、持续亏损的企业,可以低于下线3%确定工资增长水平,也可暂不增加工资,但企业支付给提供正常劳动的职工工资不得低于当地最低工资标准。   而针对国有企业,则应在国有资产监督管理部门核定的工资总额和工资指导线的调控范围内,通过工资集体协商等方式,调整和确定本企业工资增长水平。   首先,上年度职工平均工资高于2015年成都市城镇非私营单位在岗职工平均工资2倍(138246元)以上、2.5倍(172808元)以下的国有企业,确定的工资增幅不得高于工资增长下线(3%);上年度职工平均工资高于172808元以上的国有企业,原则上不应再增加工资。   经济效益连续两年以上增幅较大、上年度职工平均工资低于2015年成都市城镇非私营单位在岗职工平均工资69123元的国企,如具备人工成本承受能力,经国有资产监督管理部门审核同意,并报同级人社部门备案,其工资增长幅度可适当地突破工资增长上线。   推荐阅读:   绵阳多名残疾人与企业签约 不上班领工资还买保险   四川居民基础养老金将翻倍 公务员基本工资将定期调整   绵阳男子未休年假辞职后起诉 公司被判补发三倍工资   四川建立农民工欠薪治理体系 总包企业直接发放工资   四川力争到2020年 实现农民工工资基本无拖欠相关的主题文章:

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