For the first time Wang Kai was nominated for Golden Eagle compete with Hu Ge as the emperor 佳木斯大学吧

For the first time Wang Kai was nominated for Golden Eagle   compete with Hu Ge as the emperor – Anhui channel, Wang Kai (data plan) eleventh session of the twenty-eighth session of the Chinese China Golden Eagle Festival audience favorite TV Golden Eagle Award nominated actress list has been released, much of the audience love strength of popular actor Wang Kai for the first time finalists, and was recognized as a popular candidate for this year the Golden Eagle Award as the emperor, but let the audience’s surprise, Wang Kai did not let him the Golden Eagle Award finalists popular the "pretender" or "Nirvana in Fire", but also a Spy Drama "Peking no war". But watch the show the audience that Wang Kai in the sword to pick five winner acting can be nominated for Golden Eagle Award audience favorite actor list, accomplishment. The most profound in the "war" in Peking no impression on the audience than Wang Kai played by Fang Mengwei make five brothers to enter the end of the world of drama, the audience lively man but also that, even when the topic of time Wang Kai’s "brother Huo Hua" Liu Ye straight cover. Don’t burst out in silence, we shall perish in silence, a good interpretation of the Wang Kai heart acting, outbreak is not covered! About the Wang Kai row five rescue scenes brother Ye upstage, really surprising, Wang Kai with its elegant image in the national uniform with Chen Baoguo, Ni Dahong, Liu Ye, Dong Yong, Cheng Yu and many other powerful actors against the slightest strive, Taiwan, nearly ten minutes of continuous introduction, emotional coherence fully and delightfully the comments of the audience, "full bright, good acting aura foot full of emotion, the words look extremely elegant and valuable handsome, sonorous and forceful, see I am full of excitement." In fact, on the scene, Wang Kai in an interview he also claimed, "when filming in the studio, this is actually to take group play, but coincided with the same site so Ganpai together, at that time is not fully ready lines took, thought will remake, but can not think after reading is the effect is so good a past, is really very lucky. By virtue of this work can be nominated for the Golden Eagle Award, is a really lucky, "said Wang Kai for himself lucky, in fact the audience should understand to return through the scene completely can be seen Wang Kai acting on the progress, and this will be the same with another popular actor Hu Ge competition as the emperor, Wang Kai said the audience will be the best referee, finalists have been on their own great affirmation, each finalist actors have to pay their own efforts. (commissioning editor Wu Yanran and Guan Fei) 王凯首次被提名金鹰奖 与胡歌竞争视帝–安徽频道–人民网   王凯(资料图)   第十一届中国金鹰艺术节第28届中国电视金鹰奖颁观众喜爱的男女演员入围名单已经出炉,备受观众喜欢的实力派人气演员王凯首次入围,并被认作争夺今年金鹰奖视帝的热门人选,不过让观众惊讶的是,助王凯入围金鹰奖的竟然不是让他名气大噪的《伪装者》或《琅琊榜》,而是另外一部谍战剧《北平无战事》。不过看过该剧的观众表示,王凯在剧中剑挑五大影帝的演技,能够入围金鹰奖观众喜爱的男演员名单,实质荣归。   在《北平无战事》中观众印象最深刻的莫过于王凯所饰演的方孟韦大闹五人组为兄闯天涯的戏份,观众热评真汉子也不过如此,甚至当时一度时间里王凯的话题性直盖“火华兄”刘烨。不在沉默中爆发,就在沉默中灭亡,很好的诠释了王凯如此走心的演技,爆发不是盖的!   谈起剧中王凯大闹五人组抢戏救烨兄的戏份,实在让人惊讶,王凯以其儒雅的国民军装形象在与陈宝国、倪大红、刘烨、董勇、程昱等众多实力演员对阵的中丝毫不落下风,连续近十分钟的台词,起承转合,情绪连贯酣畅淋漓,观众评论“全程亮点,演技佳气场足情感饱满,小哥这段词铿锵有力掷地有声,帅爆表,看得我心潮澎湃。”   其实关于这场戏,王凯在采访中自己也爆料,“当初在片场拍戏时,这组戏其实是之后要拍的,但正逢场地相同所以就一起赶拍了,当时台词还没有准备十足充分就拍了,以为肯定会重拍,可是但看过后没有想到效果如此好,一场就过了,真是很幸运。凭借这部作品能够入围金鹰奖,真的是一种幸运,”对于王凯本人说的幸运,其实观众更应理解为努力的回报,通过这场戏完全就能看出王凯演技上的进步,而这次入围后要与另外一位同样人气超高的男演员胡歌竞争视帝,王凯表示观众会是最好的裁判,入围就已经是对自己很大的肯定,每一位入围的演员都付出了自己的努力。 (责编:吴嫣然、关飞)相关的主题文章:

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