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"Catfish" to Zhejiang affected 780 thousand and 100 people in direct economic losses of more than 2 billion Sohu news Beijing Hangzhou in September 29,   (reporter Shi Jiaxiu) the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" to Zhejiang to bring wind and rain. The 29 reporters from Zhejiang province flood prevention and drought relief headquarters learned that, as of September 29th 14, a total of Hangzhou City, Wenzhou City, Huzhou city and Lishui city in the province of 4 cities and 13 counties (districts) affected, the affected population of 780 thousand and 100 people, the transfer of population 314 thousand and 900 people, due to floods caused by direct the economic loss of 2 billion 41 million yuan. This year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" last night at 23 in Fujian in the territory of Longyan weakened into a tropical depression. Zhejiang Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued the Zhejiang Sea coastal gale warning forecast today, Zhejiang coastal area and night overcast with moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain, rain tomorrow is expected to weaken further. 29, 8 to 15, the province’s surface rainfall 8mm, Huzhou and Ningbo and other places strong rainfall, which Beilun District 31mm. In addition, at present, Zhejiang province’s flood control level of large and medium-sized reservoirs in block 54, Pingyang, Wenzhou, Shanxi, Lishui Shun Xi Tankeng reservoir has gate pre discharge. The province has 33 stations in the water above the warning level, the main focus of Hangjiahu eastern plains and Ningbo, Wenzhou. At present, Zhejiang province to continue to maintain the level of emergency response of flood control. In view of the typhoon away from the rain weakened, Wenzhou typhoon emergency response will be reduced to level III, the end of the Jinhua response. Hangzhou city in the morning to start the class IV response, the west to carry out one hundred meters big dangerous one patrol. Lishui, Huzhou, Ningbo, Quzhou, Taizhou city to still maintain the original level of response. In addition, the reporter learned from Zhejiang Sheng Fangzhi, "Meranti", "catfish" typhoon heavy rainfall caused the disaster disaster area overlapping "". No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" just hit Zhejiang province Wen Taili area, a large number of traffic and water conservancy infrastructure has not been repaired, the ability of resisting flood greatly weakened, the 17 typhoon "catfish" only 10 days apart, followed, and mountain soil water saturation and heavy rain area coincidence, Wenzhou City has two typhoons the amount of rainfall of 447 mm, the cumulative rainfall amount Wencheng, Taishun reached 783 mm, 706 mm, Qingtian County, the cumulative rainfall is 505 mm, a maximum of 15 days of rainfall over the same period of local history records, considerably more than the local defense ability. It is reported that, as at 14 on September 29th, a total of Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Huzhou, Lishui and other cities, 13 counties (districts) affected by the disaster, a total of 4. The affected population of 780 thousand and 100 people, the transfer of the population of 314 thousand and 900 people; 185 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 36 thousand and 950 hectares, 20 thousand and 660 hectares of inundated area, an area of 4 thousand and 380 hectares of crops, 21 million 984 thousand and 600 tons of grain production, crop economic loss of 228 million 670 thousand and 400 yuan, the death of livestock 320, aquaculture losses 13 thousand and 200 tons; production enterprise 233, highway interrupted 772 times 167 times, power interruption, communications interrupted 34 times; damaged dikes 894, 51.053 km, damaged support.相关的主题文章:

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