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China version of Islamic Kandel missile attack drills exposure picture of shock – Sohu military channel page first: Chinese version of Islamic Kandel missile attack drills [click the picture to the next page] real China version of Islamic Kandel missile drill attacks. Global network reported on November 1st: military air show in Zhuhai, China major defense companies always change them to show their long-range strike weapons, this is no exception. Restricted by international treaties, the maximum range of such export weapons should not exceed 300 km. In the range has reached the upper limit of the case, the long-range strike weapons can play what tricks? China Research Institute of Aerospace Science and technology group first given at the Zhuhai airshow answer is "tailored long-range strike system". Reporters at the show before the opening, interviewed a number of experts. Where is China’s long-range rocket improvement? A300 model designer Wu Xuesen told the "Global Times" reporter, from the world, China in long-range rocket field indeed can be said to be the "world class", not only the range of far more than other countries, and there are a lot of unique skills. He said that the development of rocket launcher has experienced four generations, which is the first generation of the rocket, the most famous is "katiushas" in World War II rocket; second generation to Russia’s "cyclone" and China A100 rocket launcher as the representative, they use inertial control system, greatly improve the precision long distance; third generation rocket is widely used in the GPS satellite system to the whole flight control, to further enhance the accuracy, but still adopts inertial trajectory, not to speed angle control, is not conducive to give full play to the effectiveness of the warhead. Now Chinese A200 and A300 new rockets not only to achieve full control, but also re planning trajectory in flight, they belong to the fourth generation, in similar products in the world is the strongest and most advanced and the most excellent performance. Although from the point of view, this display of A100, A200 and A300 and the difference between rocket seems unlikely, but Wu Xuesen to the "Global Times" reporter said, great improvements have been made in the series of internal A rocket launcher. For example, modern rockets rely mainly on satellite navigation for full control, once the satellite signal interference or be cut off, hit accuracy will be greatly affected. Export this exhibition increased A300 and Beidou navigation system module and the Russian GLONASS navigation system, overseas users can according to the actual situation of different navigation system switching, ensure control precision. In addition, A200 and A300 also added the army general reconnaissance strike system (referred to as GATSS), the data receiving unit, to achieve the target of the attack. What is more, A200, A300 rocket warhead launch and active separation of the missile body. Using this technology, not only the maximum range of the rocket can be greatly improved, and the warhead can also re planning the flight trajectory, with strong penetration ability. Play in the booth promotional video, A300 rocket during flight can even make a turn, make impossible to guard against anti missile system.相关的主题文章:

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