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Positive in less than 1 months, Brazil’s new president temer involving corruption checked – Sohu news Brazil’s corpuscles, two consecutive former president involved in corruption investigation, not just positive to the new president a month is not spared. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on 26, the Brazil Supreme Court approved 23 of Brazil’s president Michel temer? (Michel Temer) suspected of illegal campaign funds to conduct a preliminary investigation. Then, from August 31, on behalf of the president to President Mel for less than 1 months, on the same day, the Brazil Senate vote through the impeachment of President Rousseff was sacked. President Michel of Brazil? Temer (Michel Temer) alleged corruption investigation by the Supreme Court, probation for less than 1 months. The Supreme Court of Brazil in June this year a public plea agreement relates to the testimony of Temel charged to the contractor in 2012 to identify the use of Brazil petroleum company commission, where he funded the democratic movement of Brazil of St Paul city party’s candidate for mayor. This card comes from the Brazil oil company, a subsidiary of the former Brazilian president Sergio?. He is under investigation in Brazil oil company corruption case, reached a plea agreement with prosecutors and provide testimony. He strongly denies illegal acts. Machado was also identified a number of political parties in a number of political figures of corruption, including the current president of the Senate, Democratic Movement Party members Renan Calheiros?. In addition to temer, Karel Ross and several from Brazil Brazil Democratic Movement Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Brazil Labour Party leaders on the 23 day by the Supreme Court as the investigation object. Prosecutors will decide on the basis of preliminary findings, whether Temel and others to initiate a formal investigation. In June of this year, Temel acting president only 19 days, a "step down" campaign has been hit by Temel. More and more signs that Temel had set up to allow Rousseff to step down, which may be he was ousted in the new hole". Vera was minister from anti-corruption and planning minister Juca was forced to resign the "telephone gate" recordings can be seen in the Temel cabinet, most of the ministers are involved with Brazil’s national oil company corruption case. Although temer is not a judicial investigation, but his witness is not in the minority. Just think, when the credibility of the government to sweep the floor, Temel will not be fit to continue as president. In August 31st this year, lasted nearly a year of Brazil’s president impeachment case finally settled. 81 members of Parliament in Brazil to vote in favor of the 61, the result of the vote against the 20, the impeachment of President Rousseff. The acting president temer even with speech, became president. In September 2nd, G20 was invited to attend the Hangzhou summit held in Shanghai, Brazil – temer China high level business seminar invited China companies to invest in Brazil, help Brazil. Subsequently, Temel and President Xi Jinping meeting also pointed out that Brazil attaches importance to stability to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership with China, is willing to strengthen bilateral economic and trade, energy, aviation, agriculture and animal husbandry, finance, infrastructure and other areas of cooperation. However, Brazil’s political stability is still not see the dawn. When he left the presidential palace, Rousseff accused the impeachment of "political.相关的主题文章:

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