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Remove the 6 sheep sheep stomach treasure price or up to about 6000000 (Figure) original title: Mianyang sheep stomach remove the 6 sheep treasure net value of about 6000000 (Figure) folk legend, a cow bezoar, sheep sheep treasure, very valuable. The morning of October 31st, three counties (micro-blog) Tashan town a brother Chen Yong broke the news, said he killed sheep, sheep from the stomach removed a few sheep treasure, "I looked at the sheep PO price on the Internet, can the value of about 6000000!" Is this real? Live Mianyang reporter decided to go to the three look at. Chen Yong opened a mutton shop in the town, he said, all the sheep are feeding in the countryside, now raising more than and 100. October 29th, Chen Yong killed sheep found that there is a raised more than 7 years of ewes particularly thin, only about seventy or eighty pounds, compared to other sheep a full thin more than 30 pounds. Is the only thin sheep’s stomach, found "sheep treasure". In the middle of the conversation, Chen Yong’s wife carefully carried out a large plate with 6 brown colored objects. Live in Mianyang the reporter said, the largest one weighs 75 grams, the smallest one is 40 grams, 360 grams of weight. "When I kill the sheep, in the stomach feel this, then don’t know what it is, but also open a point of view, the inside and outside looks the same. I killed sheep for more than 20 years and killed at least 6000." Chen Yong said, he later in the online search, online "Yang Bao" photos with him out of something someone said the price can be as like as two peas, sold for 20 thousand yuan a gram, was also reported in other provinces and cities have removed 7 sheep treasure sold about 4800000 yuan. This afternoon, the reporter came to live in Mianyang, three County Agricultural Bureau, experts to identify relevant aspects of identification. After carefully asked Chen Yong removed the "sheep treasure" of the time, process, and obtain the consent of Chen Yong, two veterinarians selected one of the smallest open view inside the component. "From a medical point of view, this is the sheep eat some digestible, horny things in the feeding process, slowly forming a foreign body, through its own package, days and months multiplying form. Our preliminary judgment, this is the sheep treasure." The three County Center for Disease Control and prevention of animal veterinarian Jiang Weijun said, but now can not detect the specific ingredients, because the sheep eat different substances, the formation of Po Yang is not the same, different ingredients, medicinal value also have the difference, it is impossible to determine the value of Po Yang Chen Yong. I heard her to kill the sheep out there is a baby, Chen Yong was very happy, very excited, have the opportunity to get up for further identification, see what value a lot of money, there is a business need, I sold it." (reporter: Rui Rui three Taiwan) editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

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