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Taiwan University jointly publish "2016 sides: creative economic blue book" zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in November 5 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Yang Fushan Chen Yue) by the two sides of the creative economy report jointly compiled by Xiamen University of Technology and Taipei University of education "(2016), released 5 days held here at the ninth cross strait cultural Industry Expo. Both sides of the political, academic and industry officials, experts and scholars to more than and 100 people to witness. The cultural blue book "cross-strait creative economy report" (2016) by the "report" and "industry" and "hot", "case study" of four parts. This article focuses on the two sides of the film industry, the exhibition industry, advertising industry, design industry, network audio-visual industry, performing arts industry, art and other formats. Hot articles focus on the Internet business model of the cultural industry, cultural and creative industries to raise the public model, the film industry, the end of the security model, film and television drama IP hot issues. The report said that in the context of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, China’s creative industry quickly opened the prelude to structural reform of the supply side. With the advancing Internet plus "action plan, information and cultural and creative design services and related industries, comprehensive docking, highly integrated, creative economy flourish. In 2015, China’s cultural and creative industries added value of 25829 yuan, Taiwan cultural and creative industries with a total turnover of NT $794 billion 500 million. International Trade Center statistics show that in 2014, the world’s cultural and creative goods exports $600 billion 300 million. Among them, the mainland is nearly 202 billion 400 million U.S. dollars, the market share of the world’s top 227 countries in the world, ranked first in the same year, the Taiwan region, the amount of exports of cultural products amounted to $2 billion 700 million, ranking 32. China’s creative economy in the international environment is highly competitive, ranking first in the world. The "report" also conducted in-depth interpretation of the hot spots on both sides of the creative economy: 2015 IP outbreak to film and television industry to stand on the new air; "culture +" has become the new engine of creative economy; "global travel" sudden rise…… Frequent hot and bright spot in the creative economy. The specific characteristics of the Internet culture industry’s business model, Internet plus cultural industry classification and the statistical frame, the cultural and creative industries to raise public mode, net loan + Bank + third new operation mode, Chinese film industry finished piece guarantee mode, IP TV drama "hot spot" problem analysis highlights on both sides of the development of creative economy. Taipei cultural and creative industries policy evolution and experience, a case study of cross-strait cooperation in the service sector, such as the case study to a certain extent for the development of cross-strait economic development experience and reference. "Report" that, in the background of supply side reforms, Chinese creative economy presents a new model of the new format of creative industry rapid iteration; rural tourism and agriculture will be Internet plus Chaoyang gushing; virtual reality to create a new blue ocean of creative economy; sports cultural creative industry will be flame burning a few big trend. According to reports, the cross-strait Creative Economy Research Report for the annual report. Selected country from 2014相关的主题文章:

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