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Yunnan villagers hiding 6.2 kilos of explosive was jailed for 6 years, the original title: Yunnan villagers hid 6.2 kilos of explosive was jailed for 6 years for touring the courtroom. Wang Yang photo Beijing, Kunming, September 22, (Wang Qiangang Wang Yang) reporter 22 from Maguan County of Yunnan province people’s court was informed that the local villagers illegally stored 6.2 kilograms of explosives, by the hospital to the crime of illegal storage of explosives and sentenced to six years in prison. In March 14, 2016, Maguan County Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses, in eight Zhai Zhen Xin Zhai Cun Wei Hui Xin Zhai Jie Gu Moumou defendant housing seized 6.2 kilograms of suspected explosive. The investigation, seized the suspected explosive the defendant Gu Moumou stored in the 6 kg of explosives the defendant Gu Moumou contracting Wenshan City Xin Jie Xiang Village Qingkou group and caoguo Ya Kou Zhai Cun Wei Hui Xin Wan Group "thing" two project when left unused; the other 200 the father left grams. After identification, inspection of the emulsion explosive were found in ammonium ion, nitrate ion, check to see TNT, ammonium ion, nitrate ion composition of granular materials, which belongs to the explosives. The picture is the defendant. Wang Qiangang, the court held that the defendant was knowingly knowingly explosives and illegal storage, serious harm to public safety, its behavior has violated the relevant provisions of the criminal law of People’s Republic of China. The defendant Gu Moumou has voluntarily surrendered themselves, the first offense, Oufan, after appearing in court truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, a good attitude, a statutory lighter or mitigated punishment. Accordingly, the court in accordance with the criminal facts, nature, circumstances and the degree of harm to society, the court made the decision in accordance with the law. (end) editor: Sun Ailin SN146 said in a statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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